7 million steps         Blog 7

Friday 22nd September the big day had arrived!

I wasn’t excited just super stressed, I shouldn’t have been as my CDM Jamie Hartnett had everything organised to the final details… Having the launch at the Agua Hedionda Lagoon was perfect – my happy place, thank you to Lisa Rodman for making this possible by donating the facility to us!

Before long everyone was arriving; my Carlsbad and San Diego gal pals I love you all, you are wonderful and so supportive, and then the Warrior Momz arrived wonderful brave passionate women! We all had our careers which in many cases weren’t important when our children were injured!

The Launch was an emotional roller coaster – from Vicar Laura Sheridan’s inspiring “blessing” of our Warrior Momz Walk, to Celia Brewer’s gut wrenching account of the accident her son Spencer suffered.

Debbie Flynn was a wonderful and fitting MC.. We wished Pete the best of health.

A huge thank you to my CDM Jamie, Alison Huntley for her passionate pictures, they will be a precious time lapse of our emotional day..

And then we commenced the first of the 7 million steps by now I was calm and focused.