7 Million Steps        Blog 55

Activity Based Therapy Works!!!

The mission of the Warrior Momz Walk, is to raise money for Activity Based Therapy, and create awareness in the spinal cord injury community that this therapy works. Activity Based Therapy is not always about walking, it is really about encouraging recovery below injury level… Everyone has their own goals and objectives. Someone with a spinal cord injury may simply want to be able to feed themselves, or look after their personal hygiene or to transfer confidently, it’s very much an individual choice!

With less than 10% of injured seeking recovery after being discharged from hospital, we have a long way to go to bring that number to even 20%, but we can’t give up!

This type of therapy is expensive and requires time and commitment!

To gain any real benefit an injured person may need to “train” for up to 2-3 hours a day 2-3 days week for a prolonged period. With hourly rates of $85 – $125 this therapy is very expensive! Yet the benefits are tangible!

Our small team commenced what we now know as activity based therapy the day after Josh’s accident, we massaged his fingertips and toe tips for hours every day using the essential oil sandalwood, these areas were Josh’s extremities so we wanted any messages flowing through Josh’s crushed cord to come from the extreme points of his body… From day 1 after his accident Josh’s body was filled with “activity” love and a positive approach to healing.

Josh and I are advocates of activity based therapy, I personally have never met anyone who committed to it, not receive some form of recovery. Every ones goals are different every ones attitude commitment is different I could say every ones will be different!

I walked across America with little knowledge of what was ahead of me, thank goodness for Kelly being there to help me with the routes and support me… I can assure you from day one I knew I would finish, I had no clue how, but I was going to give it my best shot no matter what happened. I can honestly say the Walk nearly BROKE me but I was inspired by my son’s recovery journey, in my darkest hours he was with me in spirit coaching me encouraging me like I was throughout his recovery!