Blog 42   7 Million Steps

Injuries, Health Issues – SIMPLE RULES & REMEDIES

Although I have the top travel insurance cover for any major health / injury issues it doesn’t really cover the day to day “small” health issues. I simply can’t afford to be running to the doctor for everything that occurs…

The interesting part of my WMW experience has been the alliance of my journey with Josh’s journey in those first 3 months after his accident. Although nowhere near the same I have experienced – fear / terror, lack of control, exhaustion, helplessness, degradation, anxiety, loss of independence… I have a whole new understanding  of what a spinal cord injury does to you, I don’t pretend to totally understand but I have grown in knowledge!

Since commencing the walk I have experienced:

First 6 weeks, a broken toe, leg rashes from the various desert plants, blisters, blisters and more blisters, UTI’s, chronic diarrhea, mental and physical exhaustion (where I couldn’t remember the simplest of things, it took me 7 weeks to remember my cell number)  various scratches and cuts mainly from plants, a swollen upper foot.

More lately: food poisoning, recurrence of an old back issue, stiff neck, knee soreness, thigh soreness, scratched eyeball … exhaustion (where I just want to go to bed as early as possible).

Kelly and I both had chiropractic adjustments in Dallas thanks to Dr Denisa, but other than that I have had to figure my treatment out, and I have resorted to what my mother / grandmother would have done,  been in touch with my chiropractor Simon Floreani and personal trainer Cindy Rella in Australia and Kay Lathrop and Doc Angela for advice.

Between us all we have been able to figure out what I should be doing and mostly I have been able to purchase remedies over the counter or we have improvised using in the case of my upper foot problem, a quality piece of foam that I packed under my shoelaces between my foot and the laces, every time I walked…

Health wise other than weight loss which I could afford to lose, we have enjoyed healthy smoothies every day the Kelly version and my version which has raw eggs, Greek yogurt in addition. We both take vitamins and supplements most of my supplements have been provided by the Amplified Agility team!

Both Kelly and I have been very healthy, avoiding the colds / flu that is surrounding us everywhere we go. I put it down to our healthy eating, very quiet lifestyle that sees me in bed most nights at 7.30 / 8.00 pm, (not going to sleep simply getting off my feet for several hours) no computer once I have finished walking.  I brought that rule in for me after the first 6 weeks where I was stressed from all that was going on through my body getting used to walking every day!

I joke we live a very monastic lifestyle, but hey it works, our only luxury is drinking a bottle of “cheap” wine once a week when we celebrate Shabbat with Kelly’s son Benjamin every Friday night. Otherwise we are pretty much alcohol free! This has been a huge change for me who in Australia would enjoy wine with meals most nights. To be honest I haven’t missed it my total focus has been on keeping walking, keeping healthy. I have 1000 miles to walk I am now more obsessed than ever with keeping healthy and injury free!