Blog 50      7 million Steps

SIMON FLOREANI – our chiropractor, friend, mentor and cheerleader.

Today while walking I marvelled at how well my body had held up to the walking every day. I can honestly say when I finish walking especially lately, my body is so tired and aching, yet I am able to get up the next day and walk again. I am eating well and trying to rest as much as possible, but for my age I think I am going really well.

This morning both Kelly and I enjoyed a wonderful adjustment with Jordan Bonham DC, Raleigh NC and truly for that ½ hour Jordan adjusted me, it felt like my body was singing. Jordan’s adjusting style is very similar to Simon’s. Jordan was able to explain the constant nagging ache I have in my right butt when driving Kelly’s car when we move the RV, he suggested some stretching exercises to relieve it, and as well he adjusted the area.

Today while walking, I thought about the day I presented at Simon’s office around 2 ½ years with my plan to walk across America. His jaw dropped and he said “well I know you can do it but it’s going to take a lot of commitment from both of us. It’s not just about training it’s about making sure your body is in the best possible physical state!” Simon arranged for me to come to his centre twice a week at 6.30 am, he would adjust me for about 15 – 20 minutes. Obviously I was training, but in those early days managing 2 jobs, 1 fulltime and part time I wasn’t able to do too much training.

After being unceremoniously “dumped” from my full time position whilst I was in America promoting the Walk, I took on extra part time hours and managed to fit in more training. No matter what I went to see Simon 2 times each week.

It wasn’t just about adjusting he would ask me where I was sore or stressed, what was going on with my feet while walking, together we worked out several gait issues, and he taught me how to adjust my gait if I experienced pain or stiffness. He had a strategy to get me as fit as he could possibly have me before starting the walk. I remember the last time we met, he said he had been seriously worried about me being in shape for the walk, but he was confident we had both done our very best, and he wished me well.

During the walk especially in the early days I had several problems with my feet and legs I would email Simon and together we would work it out!

Since Dallas, Kelly has had 3 adjustments and I have had 5… with chiropractors that we introduced to, through Simon or other chiropractors we had met along the way.

My problem now is really fatigue, but with less than 175 miles to go I am confident I can get through the next 9 days, and thanks to our new friend and chiropractor Caitlin Reimer DC, we will have chiro adjustments in Richmond before we leave for Washington DC.

Today, I want to give Simon the hugest of accolades, as he has been a major part of this inspiring journey Josh and I commenced on June 25th 2000. Simon risked his career because I asked him to come into the hospital and commence adjusting Josh within a week of his accident. Simon was prepared to do what it took to ensure Josh’s body was in alignment.. Simon and our GP Dr Graeme Baro were the only professionals that believed in Josh and his ability to recover as much of his old life that he could.

Simon was prepared to work with the various healers, and alternative practitioners that were part of Josh’s early healing regime. Simon is a collaborator without ego or superiority!

Simon has gone onto adjusting our furry kids, Amelia and now AJ, since Josh’s accident we have never received a “bill” from Simon.

I am 3 weeks off having my next adjustment with Simon I will be interested in his opinion of my tired ol body!!  Albeit 40 pounds lighter!