Last week the House of Representatives shamefully passed HR 620, undermining one of the key components of the American Disabilities Act, which requires business owners to make accommodations allowing for ease of entry for people who are disabled. (Or as we like to say, “enabled not disabled”).

The ADA Education and Reform Act requires a person with a disability to provide written notice to businesses if they encounter barriers to entry. Under the new legislation, businesses would have 60 days to acknowledge that written notice and an additional 120 days to initiate improvements. However, businesses do not have to fix problems within that time period — only show “significant improvement.”

This Bill was introduced as an attempt to stop frivolous lawsuits against business owners, and as California resident, I have seen this practice in action.  However, the House Bill doesn’t have enough teeth, in my opinion, and gives the business too much latitude, and not enough incentive to simply do the right thing in a timely manner.

The good news is, we have time for change, time for improvement, because a companion Senate Bill has not yet been introduced.  We would like to see stronger language in the Senate Bill, enforceable language, which would motivate businesses to comply quickly in order to avoid a lawsuit.   We want our ADA back!

On March 13th, next month, we will be meeting with 25 members of Congress, both Senators and House Representatives, and this subject is on our agenda.  Along with better access to care, better access to rehabilitation without therapy caps, and better reimbursement.  On Monday afternoon the amazing Advocacy Team of Michael Manganiello, Kim Beer and Justin Beland will be training our delegation of 50 people to make our points in the strongest possible manner, to make an impact, to make a difference.

Join us!  We need your voice, we need your passion.  Warrior Momz and families unite, register today for a powerful two days in our nations’ capital as we Walk & Roll on DC.  See you on The Hill!