Blog 46   7million steps

Act of Faith

Most days when I am walking I have never been on the chosen route. For me it’s an act of faith – that it will be an enjoyable walk and I will finish it safely! Kelly has done an amazing job in keeping me on route and ensuring most days I get my miles in!

I rarely know what the terrain is like, hills, scenery, and road conditions.

Obviously in the cities we are in, I have some idea, but when you walk 22 miles you experience very different conditions through that route, and you can find yourself in areas and situations you weren’t prepared for.

Recently I turned down a road in error and ended up in a very threatening area of a city, a quick call to Kelly and she was able to guide me to a “safer” route and get me back on track.

As we come closer to Washington DC, I don’t have the “isolation” fear I have experienced in the more remote areas or the issues with “wild or fierce” uncontrolled dogs. Dogs have been a constant threat to me since I started the walk, it is only recently really since entering Georgia it hasn’t been an issue.

Fortunately most dogs in these areas are behind fences and although they are menacing, I feel safe!

I have experienced beauty on remote roads that most Americans would never see, especially in the more isolated areas of the country…

On the walks, I have met many amazing people often they will stop their cars and we have a quick chat. I have people all over the USA that I have met who are praying for me which is very humbling.

We have been humbled by the love of the families we have stayed with or met, their generosity has been truly unconditional, and the love and support they give us makes the long hours of walking and planning worth every minute!

The Warrior Momz Walk has tested my  every emotion, I have experienced: acute fear, the wonder of nature, self doubt, isolation, a bunch of health issues, disappointment, celebration of nature and people.

I have loved visiting the local Rotary Clubs, for me this has been a time of “normal” for me. Kelly and I are living in a crazy busy environment, we never stop!

I have faith in the Warrior Momz Walk, and although at times we feel we haven’t achieved the impact we desired both Kelly and I feel the momentum has shifted and everything is falling into place!