Blog 41      7 Million Steps

A fun day being a kid!

Leaving the RV at 8 am Kelly had planned a 12 mile walk to the Rotary Club meeting and once concluded another 10 mile trip back to the RV. The weather was predicted to be cloudy, misty and raining. The rain was not going to be heavy more persistent!

I love Rotary Days as I get the chance to explore the town we are staying in. My usual early morning pace is 4 mph, so I decided to try and walk 14 miles leaving only 8 miles to walk home, giving me an early finish.

In reality my mph walking in towns is much slower, as I am constantly watching for traffic, stopping at lights and walking on uneven surfaces, so my times can drop right back to 3 mph. Which is exactly what happened today. I followed Kelly’s route initially, then I would see a cute street so I would take off down there looking at the homes then come back onto the planned route.

Unfortunately my plans to walk the 14 didn’t work and I had to make some hasty changes to my Rotary route. But I did enjoy walking in piles of dry leaves, kicking them in the air and generally being a kid again.

The Rotary Club of Ruston, is a large club with over 65 members their President Melodye Tanner was so friendly and welcoming, she gave me a wonderful introduction and allowed me 2 – 3 minutes to speak. She asked me to wait after the meeting was finished, as there were several members who had questions. Unfortunately didn’t get any pics. Had some wonderful conversations with those members who stayed back. It was a very quick meeting finishing in 45 minutes.

After the lunch I continued on my exploration of this impressive little town, spending most of the afternoon walking in the rain,  another kid thing I loved to do;  at least this time when I got “home” noone was yelling at me for getting so wet. I was well rugged up actually warm just a wet head!

I have found myself experiencing the “kid in me” frequently on my walks, umm I guess you are never too old to have juvenile fun!