Blog 36  7 Million Steps

Our Dallas Family

One of the blessings of the Warrior Momz Walk is the people we meet and connect with.

Kelly and I have been fortunate along our journey we have met many wonderful caring people.

As everyone who follows us knows, we tried for some time to find a family to stay with in Dallas, at the very last minute Kay Lathrop contacted her sister Julie. Thank goodness Julie said yes!

We arrived a day early to Red Oak south of Dallas, Julie welcomed us with a huge hug… There was plenty of room to park the RV, after we finished setting it up, we sat down to get to know Julie.

Julie has a heart and soul as big as Texas. We were immediately blown away by this wonderful “earth mother” her kindness her passion for love, friendship and genuinely wanting to make us feel totally at “home” was truly humbling. Once we met her husband Lonnie and their friend Bob who lives with them, we realised we were in for a very fun, nurturing and loving stay.

Both Lonnie and Bob are truly amazing genuin

e, kind men. We were immediately welcomed into their little family, and the barking mini furry kid Kolby was soon won over…

For dinner Bob cooked us Texas chili – it was so tasty and yummy and thank goodness no beans, which I loathe and so it appears does Bob!

We talked for hours, it was like we had known them forever! The next day Leslee Massey arrived and she too became part of their extended family in an instant. Yet again Bob cooked us an amazing dinner of Ribs, OMG they were delicious! I thought of how much Josh would love this rib feast – he being a great ribs lover…

Once again we talked and talked our way through another fun night and laughing so much, so relaxing!  

I happened to mention how much I had enjoyed Southern Fried Chicken at a recent Rotary meeting, the next night we finished walking to come home to a huge box of Southern Fried chicken for dinner, Bob had gone out to his favourite Chicken restaurant! Bob also bought a huge box of doughnuts as Kelly had mentioned how much she loves them!

With Julie having to go out of town for a few days we decided to contribute to the cooking, in the pouring rain I showed Lonnie how to bbq lamb chops in a Japanese BBQ that I had no clue how to work. Somehow they turned out perfectly with a tinge of something from the wood…

Yet again we spent hours chatting with these amazing guys…

Kelly cooked up a roast chicken for dinner the following night with all the trimmings, after a long day of walking these meals go down very well…

On Julie’s return we met her very handsome loving son Lamar, we were later joined by her daughters Jessica and Vanessa. Like Julie her children were full of love and care!

I have mentioned the food through this Blog as it was always around eating that we really got to know and experience these wonderful people,  who were so full of love, and care!

Our conversations were wildly different every night they kinda just evolved.

Saying goodbye was hard, but I know we will meet each other again, what will stay with me forever is the laughter,  warmth, genuine care and kindness of Julie, Lonnie and Bob.

They are very special people! A huge thank you to them all and to Kay Lathrop for introducing us into their lives.