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There are a few who believe that no one cares how many steps I walk. I happen to know that this is totally wrong, people do care, I know this from the messages I receive almost daily, especially from people usually MOMZ that never comment and we would have no idea they are following the walk.

With changing the Warrior Momz Walk to end in Washington DC rather than New York City it was virtually impossible for me to walk 7 million steps, my final count will be closer to 6,200,000.

From day one, the Warrior Momz Walk was to always be inclusive of the Warrior Momz and their supporters. After discussing this with Jamie, we decided to include the Warrior Momz who walked with me as part of the 7 million steps.

I also kept a record of who walked and how far they had walked with me from that first day. I notionally allocated 2000 steps per mile walked against each of these Momz and our supporters.

Although I have walked probably 95% of the Warrior Momz Walk on my own, collectively the Momz who have walked up to this week have logged nearly 600,000 steps, the bulk of this coming from the first day where we had 13 walkers including me; three walked 20 miles thile the other 10 walked approximately 8 miles…

I am sure the final tally as we march into Washington DC will be well in excess of 8,000,000 million steps…something we can all be very proud of.

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