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Gaining a Greater Understanding of Spinal Cord Injury

I have mentioned previously the experiences I have encountered along the WMW that have allowed me a greater understanding of what someone with a spinal cord injury goes through, as well as the parallels with my experience with Josh’s recovery; in my book I refer to these periods as the Darkness, The Glimmer, The Light.

The Warrior Momz Walk has certainly transitioned out of the “darkness” moving into the “glimmer.” The weather is colder but so far I have only had to walk undercover twice and once in the rain. I actually don’t mind walking in the cold, as I am always warm, wearing several layers of clothes.

Yesterday while walking in the rain, I thought of how someone in a wheelchair manages, especially if they are on their own! A sudden unpredicted rain shower would make life very uncomfortable for someone in a wheelchair (manual or power) and you can only make those things go so fast! I was confident walking with a prediction of 20% rain after lunch; well it rained all day!

Although we are just over half way through this epic Walk, almost daily I am struck with the various parallels.   Even my ongoing experiences with dogs that snarl through fences or come at me unleashed have highlighted the vulnerability of someone in a wheelchair, to have to experience this type of trauma.  At least I can defend myself, someone in a chair has little chance to protect themselves against such an attack. It must be so very tough!

The feeling of fear I constantly have, when walking in a remote place, where there is no one to help me should something go wrong, what someone in a chair must go through in this situation, not only fear but vulnerability!  I am able bodied and can act to defend myself, someone in a chair does not have that option!

I constantly marvel at the insights I am experiencing on this journey, I am hopeful it will allow me greater understanding to more of the challenges of spinal cord injury  and how it affects those living with it!