Blog 27  – 7 million steps – Tumbleweeds

Every day while walking there is so much to do! Focus on traffic is the main one and listening for dogs hahaha. I am slightly paranoid these days of barking dogs;  watching for the little green mile signs, all keeping me focused on time and every so often watching and marvelling at nature!

I am sure we have “tumbleweeds” in Australia, but having not spent much time in the bush I’ve never seen one. To me tumbleweed evokes memories of me as a kid watching western movies and seeing those rolling boldly across the plains.

Now I see it in real life! I am amazed at the speed they go, especially when the winds are blowing strongly. They come in all shapes and sizes and really are so fragile and fine looking.

Earlier in the week I watched one fly boldly across the road in front of me, jump a roadside fence and then tumble across a ploughed field sending dust along its wake until I couldn’t see it anymore!

It didn’t matter it was basically weightless it was on a mission and the earth felt its presence!

Yesterday while walking I saw several tumbleweeds sitting, waiting along a fence for the wind to change, they were like a small group of travellers waiting for the right time to move, their leader was large and impressive. (see picture) You probably wonder that I have gone a little crazy walking out there on my own!

Reading this to Kelly, she said to me, “Really you’re like the tumbleweed, one person trying to make a mark on a huge community, making them aware about spinal cord injury recovery, and it’s importance, you are walking across the country slowly making that difference and meeting friends strangers everywhere you  travel.”

This walk has allowed me to see and experience things many Americans will never do, and frankly it’s observing nature that keeps me busy and alert while walking!