Blog 25   7 Million Steps – Little Green Signs

A new friend, thanks to my cousin Kath for introducing us, Siobhan is a seasoned long distance hiker, who actually has hiked some of the most difficult yet beautiful trails in the USA. I have been messaging her at various times for advice and support. In her words it’s the “mind” that does most hikers in! In the short time I have been walking I totally agree. For the first 6 weeks every night I felt beaten by the walking, especially through the desert areas. Some days while walking all I could focus on was keeping on stepping, and looking for the little green mileage signs.

There were days when I hated those little green signs and there were days where I high-fived every time I saw one!  

The little green signs are so valuable in helping you keep track of your mileage, setting goals for hourly splits and just keeping you walking at a certain pace.

They are the silent coach, they can’t judge you, you can’t argue with them – they are just always there!

Every so often one is missing and that totally throws you off, especially at the end of a long day…

After 7 weeks I look upon those little green signs with love and affection!