Blog 18   7 Million Steps – SCI Insights

Kelly and I were discussing my last blog where I talked about my frustration with my loss of independence while she was away those 2 weeks.

Kelly said you are getting glimpses of what it is like for someone with a spinal cord injury, one minute you are active and independent and the next minute you are relying on someone in some cases for your every need!

Her comments really hit home to me, giving me a small insight into what someone with an injury goes through.

The other part of my blog talked about my need while staying with Shirley, Bill, Jim & Mica, as to how I tried to make it easier for them.

I was devastated that Shirley and Nook had to sit in the RV in a Walmart Parking area while I walked I felt so bad yet Shirley was ok she didn’t mind but I did. I was always thinking how can I make it easier for people when I stay with them especially when I didn’t  have a car!

Both Jim and Kelly had mentioned how they try to plan tasks events around how to make it easier for those around them that they rely on for help! I remembered when Josh last moved he has trouble carrying weighty objects – he had meticulously planned where everything had to be placed in the removal van to make it easy for Millz and I when unloading.

This walk is giving me greater insights into the life of someone living with SCI and I am so grateful!