Blog 12 7 million steps


I never really thought about the topography of the Warrior Momz Walk, I trained and walked around the streets of Melbourne when time prevailed for over 18 months. Starting training with Cindy Rella in May this year, was the best thing I did! Amongst many exercises including Zuu- Cindy designed the beach, steps, ramp, trail walk.. When I first started this, I hated the steps, but for some reason I loved the ramp. As hard as it was, before walking it every time, I mentally pictured that long winding road in East California or Arizona and I loved walking it.  Over time I really loved this training “walk”. My best was 26 / 28 rotations…My body loved it! Little did I realise it set me up for successfully over 2 consecutive days successfully climbing a 3 hour climb the next day a 4 hour climb. My legs loved every step, I am so grateful to Cindy! Even though I have 4 toes suffering from blisters ATM my legs are strong and I know the foot problem will be sorted with bigger sized shoe. In fact the amazing thing is, I was expecting to take a week or two for my body to do the long walks every day, although I am yet to hit the 22 mile per day target I know it’s just around the corner and I will make up the lost miles.. Cos I have done the work and will not let the Warrior Momz down!