Blog – 7 million steps – Entry #6 continued…Calling All Warrior Momz!

These past 18 months planning the Warrior Momz Walk (WMW) has seen me and our small team totally tested at every level. What has kept us going is the need to create a pool of money, to offer Grants and Scholarships to facilities providing Activity Based Therapy for those with spinal cord injury.  A second important need is to build communities around families to support them while dealing with the injury. Importantly the WMW could provide a 26-week “fundraising” opportunity for individual families linking up through Help Hope Live to create campaigns “actual” or “virtual” to raise their own therapy dollars.

For me personally I have spent over $50,000 in financing two trips to the USA to promote and endeavour to build support for the Warrior Momz Walk. Gaining support for the WMW from sponsors and families has been much harder than I anticipated!

Leaving Australia, I am short over $6,000 in what I need to support my domestic expenses while away. I will not be paid to Walk, I will simply rely on selling my book to give me some spending money.

I have given up my job, I have maxed out credit cards, I have put my family through hell in my determination to make the Warrior Momz Walk happen! I can’t afford to help my son with his therapy anymore! I have continually tested the patience of our very small team, and yet they have continued to create the vision of the Warrior Momz Walk!

I totally understand families can’t support the Walk financially, but they can spread the word in their networks especially those located on or near the walk route (viewable on this website). Families can create their own “Walk” events to raise monies for their individual loved one/s therapy through HOPE HELP LIVE.

Families can share relevant posts say they are supporting the Walk and Social Media will make or break this walk!

So why am I missing my beautiful grandson’s second Christmas, second birthday?

First and foremost I am a Mum / MOM I get totally what families go through in dealing with a SCI. I know that fear that can never be described to someone who has not experienced a catastrophic spinal cord injury. I am tired of not being able to help more families.

I am a member of so many closed SCI sites. I feel the pain / hopelessness of so many of the families who share their stories on them.

As a community we need to do something BRAVE & COURAGEOUS to put the spotlight on the tragedy of a Spinal Cord Injury!

For the families that will have the Warrior Momz Walk travel through their cities, please help us identify with that city and by them assisting us in getting our message of Awareness, Raising Recovery Dollars, building local Communities, out to a larger world  and your families will benefit and your stories will be told.

The Walk will give us 26 weeks of publicity, I can promise you I will “work” it to the extreme degree. Why? Cos in my opinion in 17 years nothing has changed and frankly every time someone dies from this injury it takes a piece from my heart..

In closing, I reiterate I will personally not benefit financially from this walk. It’s for Warrior Momz and those with SCI everywhere. Please help in any way you are able.