7 million Steps # 4

7 days out!

With only 7 days to go before I board my QANTAS flight to Los Angeles, I am constantly being asked “are you getting excited?” I simply answer “Not really!” I feel calm and focussed almost like I am attending an important conference from the old days of my life, when I was running a National Sales and Marketing team in financial services.

Before attending any conference I would plan everything meticulously and set my goals for an outcome. While attending the conference I would enjoy my time there —  always focused on my outcome.

The Warrior Momz Walk is no different, I will get up every day, do my warm up routine and commence walking. I will have breaks and not stop until I have completed 22-24 miles. I will do this 6 days a week. If I feel like walking on the 7th day I will!

I will do everything possible to speak to as many people as possible each day, I will always keep focused on the outcome … Walk, Talk, Tell the families stories, Raise Money, finish the Walk! I will take advantage of every opportunity to be interviewed, speak publicly on the life-changing effect spinal cord injury has on families and the importance of raising money for activity based therapy.

Another important goal I want to achieve, is for everyone involved in the Warrior Momz Walk to have fun and love what they are doing,  being part of an amazing life changing experience!

And when the going gets tough I will remember my journey with Josh and I will be inspired!

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