7 Million Steps    Blog #3

Injuries and Stress

Three weeks ago I fell heavily on my left knee, hip and arm.

I rested for a week, only doing my gym sessions with Cindy and a few short walks to keep my fitness up; by the weekend I worked out on the step / beach/ramp/trail walk managing 26 rotations which was a record. I felt amazing and was confident the injury was minor.

The following week the knee became progressively worse, the pain with every step I took was debilitating. I spoke to Simon my chiropractor, he said I was favouring the knee and I was causing the discomfort through my gait changing, compensating for the pain I was experiencing

My knee was hot and I was now getting concerned thinking I should have it x rayed.

Early this week I woke up without pain, I said to Wendy (my sister) it’s a miracle the pain has gone, the heat disappeared, I walked pain free for the first time in 2 weeks. No matter what I did my knee was now totally healed.

This morning during my workout with Cindy I mentioned to her my miracle cure!

She laughed and said “What have you been concerned about for weeks?” I answered “the RV,” I was so stressed over our inability to secure one. Mentally, it put the success of the walk to the test because without an RV we couldn’t possibly commence it. In my mind I had run over every possible scenario including sleeping in a car, but practically I knew in my heart I could not commence the Walk without an RV! I had many sleepless nights and felt a real darkness enveloping me!

So what changed?

Cindy explained while I stressed about the RV I caused my subconscious to believe the walk wouldn’t happen, I kept training but in the back of my mind I had real concerns about the Walk and I was so stressed about letting the Families, the MOMZ down!

And then Shirley and Bill came to the rescue, buying an RV, a 7 seater (7 is my lucky number) and offering it to the Warrior Momz Walk for 6 ½ months. The relief I felt once I knew the RV was secured lifted this terrible burden/ uncertainty I had been carrying for weeks and for the first time in ages I felt we can do this!

Cindy explained how the body picks up on stress and uncertainty causing or effecting injuries.

The thing that truly amazed me was once I knew we had the RV, my knee healed!