7 MILLION STEPS – THE BLOG FOR THE WARRIOR MOMZ WALK                                                          #2


Yesterday I dragged myself out of bed after another restless night going over and over the WMW in my mind. My main concern was the RV, we so desperately needed it. I had a call into my friends Shirley and Bill (Arizona) who have been helping us with the WMW since Day 1 nearly 2 years ago. Bill had meticulously planned the WMW route, found me a shoe sponsor, and convinced me of the benefit of wearing Merrill’s! Shirley has been an enormous help with trip logistics, advice, logic and assisting with the RV search.

Hearing Shirley’s voice the first thing she said “do you want good news or more good news?”  “Bill and I have decided to purchase an RV, we have found the perfect one for us and we want to donate it to the Warrior Momz Walk for the 6 ½ months you will need it. Sending through photos later!”

I cried, tears flowed – tears of relief, gratitude for my fabulous friends. The pictures arrived and it is PERFECT sleeping up to 7, I am beyond relieved, excited and grateful to them. I know we will create many amazing and special memories in our “home on wheels!”

I met Shirley and Bill in 1992, on my first trip to the USA with Josh. Our Mother’s had travelled on an outback Australian tour many years earlier and had become great mates. Bill and Shirley have supported us throughout Josh’s recovery journey!  

As soon as they heard about the plans for the WMW they jumped on board.  

SO NOW WE HAVE AN RV, WE CAN GO HARD SEEKING VOLUNTEER DRIVERS, and Volunteers to Walk with me and help with the day to day needs of the Warrior Momz Walk. (We are not expecting anyone to walk the 22 miles a day I will be walking unless they want too of course.)