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Josh’s 15 year Anniversary had recently passed, I reflected on how much our lives had changed over this time, how Josh had recovered against all odds and his doctors dire prognoses, our journey, the twists and turns, the highest of highs, the lowest of lows. Other than what Josh needs to do every day to get his tired, angry body functioning, and the unrelenting pain he lives with, I have say “I wouldn’t have changed anything!”
Sadly what hasn’t changed over these years, is the negativity of the Medical Profession toward any sort of recovery below injury. It doesn’t matter what country you live in, by and large the doctors’ messages have not changed, they seem “hell bent” on taking away the hope of the newly injured and their families. Preaching acceptance of the “New Normal” paralysis and all that comes with it!
For me HOPE is everything! Josh’s doctors criticise us for “preaching false hope” well in my world there is NO such thing, you either have hope or you don’t!
Out of frustration I asked the “Universe” for guidance “How can I better help families, getting the message through of Recovery Based Therapy below injury?”
The answer was immediate “YOU NEED TO WALK ACROSS AMERICA!” Wow that made sense; while walking I can be talking to anyone I meet! The mission would be all important, immediately I received the word ARC.
The Walk Mission had to be about creating Awareness, raising money for activity based therapy Recovery Scholarships / Grants and building Communities to support families living with or supporting someone with spinal cord injury.
As I was going to the USA in April 2016, I started building my team in my mind, consisting of people in my life who shared my passion for improving the lives of those living with a spinal cord injury. It all seemed so easy, with 4 weeks to go until I start walking, I can honestly say “this has been the hardest challenge I have ever experienced!”

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To be continued….