What will we be doing on April 10th and 11th?

On April 10th, you will be attending a mandatory 3-hour training luncheon at the Capital Hilton. On April 11th, participants will be meet with members of Congress in small groups throughout the day – schedules will be distributed on the 10th.

Our goal this year is to meet with members of Congress from each state!

What is the cost?

The registration fee is $25 to cover printing expenses.

Participants are responsible for their own travel and housing fees.

Where should we stay while in DC?

Since most people made their own lodging arrangements last year we did not block off any rooms at the Capital Hilton (where the luncheon will take place), but we have secured two AirBnB homes close by and will continue to look for additional space – this will be much less expensive than the hotel rooms. If you need an accessible room, please let us know ASAP because these are hard to come by. We will do everything possible to help with these arrangements.

Is my registration fee tax-deductible?

No, the registration fee is not tax-deductible, since you are receiving something in return at its fair market value. However, if you would like to make a separate donation to the QUAD Foundation to assist with the costs affiliated with Walk & Roll on DC or to help sponsor activity-based therapy for one of our recipients, that amount would be tax-deductible.

The QUAD Foundation is a nonprofit charity. As such, it is exempt from federal income taxes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Therefore your gift is tax-deductible to the full extent provided by law. You can consult your financial planner or tax advisor to determine the exact tax advantages of any gift you make.  We provide a tax receipt for all tax deductible donations.  If you need a copy of the tax receipt statement or need a receipt for your annual giving please email us at