Is my donation tax deductible?

The QUAD Foundation is a nonprofit charity. As such, it is exempt from federal income taxes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Therefore your gift is tax-deductible to the full extent provided by law. You can consult your financial planner or tax advisor to determine the exact tax advantages of any gift you make.  We provide a tax receipt for all tax deductible
donations.  If you need a copy of the tax receipt statement or need a receipt for your annual giving please email us at

Where is the money raised going? How will it be used?
The money raised will be distributed to partnering non-profit activity-based therapy centers for therapy scholarships.
What exactly is activity-based therapy?

We know from clinical trials and years of anecdotal discoveries that activity-based therapy
brings about recovery in these patients, as well as improvements in muscle mass, bone density and cardiovascular health. Examples of activity-based therapies are treadmill therapy, FES (functional
electronic stimulation) therapy.

How many people in the US have a spinal cord injury? What doesn’t their insurance pay for this therapy?
How does someone with a spinal cord injury apply for a therapy scholarship?

Applicants will be vetted by local partnering non-profit
organizations tied to the cities and towns along the route where therapy
will take place. Applications will be collected by the QUAD Foundation and then forwarded to the closest organization for final selection. Unfortunately, only clients close to these centers will be able to participate. For the rest of our paralyzed community, we will be lobbying our lawmakers in Washington DC at the end of the Walk to make these therapies available and affordable to everyone living with a spinal cord injury.

How can I help?
Make a donation. Volunteer at an event. Spread the word. Share on Facebook. Make a donation. And your prayers are always welcomed.
How can I volunteer?
Another way families with spinal cord injury can get involved is by creating their own personal event through a wonderful organization called Help Hope Live.

Check out to sign up.