Why was the Warrior Momz Walk conceived?
  1. To assist families and loved ones of those suffering a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) to raise money for the funding of: SCI activity based therapy programs, SCI activity / Sports, SCI accommodations, and adaptive equipment.
  2. To provide families and loved ones with an annual event they can participate in, at whatever level they desire. Create awareness in local communities about the devastation caused through an SCI and therefore assist families / loved ones in being part of a supportive community.
  3. Create awareness around the possibilities of below injury recovery.
When is the Warrior Momz Walk taking place?
Our inaugural WALK will commence the 23rd of September, 2017 starting in Carlsbad California, (continuing for approximately 28 weeks) and ending in New York City, NY. We are intending to hold 2 more long distance walks in subsequent years, walking through different cities and states in the USA, and after this, establish a 1 day annual event during September (SCI Awareness Month) throughout the USA and Internationally. Our goal with the first 3 annual walks is to establish a foundation of knowledge, anticipation, and support for families, allowing them to grow their fund raising efforts through this event.
Do I need to use HelpHOPELive to collect donations?

Only non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations will be raising money and be able to take advantage of nationwide and regional advertising and promotion. You may already have an association with another 501(c)(3) that you have established or worked with in the past, in which case, contact _____ to include it as one of our participating foundations. If not, HelpHOPELive is available to help!

Link on the www.warriormomzwalk.XXX  to register through them.

How do I make sure people can donate directly to my HHL campaign?
The WALK’s website will have a tab for participating families which will have a direct link to your HHL fundraising page (where donations can be made online and go directly for your use).
Can I use the WALK logo / walk imagery in my marketing/fundraising emails and flyers?
Yes! HelpHOPELive will help you design any flyers or letters using the WALK and HHL logos. For other uses of the Walk’s logo permission will have to be sought through emailing ????
Will I have to pay a % Of What We Raise from the walk?
No other than a small fee takes for all the assistance they give you, you get to keep all the monies you raise.
What types of local events are you doing in my area, and how can I participate to raise money?

Please see the attached list of anticipated stops along our WALK route.
Carlsbad – Phoenix – Flagstaff – Albuquerque – Amarillo – Oklahoma City – Dallas – Shreveport (½ way celebrations) – Jackson – Birmingham – Atlanta – Greenville – Charlotte – Raleigh / Durham – Richmond – Washington – Washington Walk4sci Recovery Washington Summit – Baltimore – Philadelphia – Trenton – New York (FINISH- -Huge Celebrations)
Depending upon national sponsorship, there will be several organized events along the Walk’s route, and opportunities for sponsors and families to take advantage of this organization to support joint fundraising activities. Additionally, there will be opportunities to support families in these cities through “events” organized by those local families.
In each of the cities we walk through, Kay will be speaking at local Rotary Clubs, Schools, Service / Community Groups, etc.… Remembering we have to allow a minimum of 8 hours each day for “Walking”, this must be coordinated accordingly, but families can assist in arranging these talks. Families can also organize to join the walk and use this as a fundraiser. Where there are more than one family in a city we would encourage you to work together with fundraising ideas and a marketing plan. If you are living close to any of these cities and wish to hold a combined fundraiser (with the WALK group, and possibly other families), please contact us at: ????

We Don’t Live Near These Cities – How Can We Be Involved?

The walk will be registered on through this app you will be able to create a “virtual walk” where you could hold a walk or fundraiser in your area to coincide with a stretch of the walk we are actually walking. (For more information on “virtual walk” fundraising, contact HelpHOPELive). For example, the walk is one day out of Phoenix, and you are in Missoula Montana – each day the plan is to walk 36 kilometers or 22.5 miles. Your fundraiser could commence at the same time, using the same distance etc., and with the help of technology, we could chat as we walk, and our progress can be tracked through –

Your friends and family that live on or near the Walk route can also join us along the way. By seeking sponsors (donors) for their walk as part of your fundraising campaign at, you can raise even more funds for your recovery.

You may even decide to hold a local fundraiser where Kay could skype call in and address your supporters. The only limit is your imagination!

What if I don’t live in the United States How Can We Be Involved?
HelpHOPELive is available for anyone with a spinal cord injury that is looking to rehab in the United States. There are some restrictions, but if you live outside of the US and are looking to travel to the United States for rehab, HelpHOPELive may be able to help. Please contact ________at HelpHOPELive at 800-642-8399.
How do people donate to support the WALK (not a specific individual, but the nationwide campaign)?
Contact the for Sponsorship or Donor opportunities. Quad Foundation will be providing scholarships for families seeking support for Activity Based Therapy Programs.
Does the WALK help raise money for research?

NO. While research is important and necessary, the Walk is about funding the “Now / The Immediate” needs families are facing – Therefore, Our priority is helping families and individuals with immediate / long term fundraising needs, and encouraging participation in Activity Based Recovery Programs for:

  • Ongoing activity based therapy programs
  • SCI Activity / leisure programs
  • Home renovation / Housing needs
  • Adaptive equipment or technology need to facilitate everyday living, working, and going to school.

For the Foundations that are partnering-(Kay are these different than participating foundations??) in the Walk, their funds raised would go into Scholarships programs for Activity based therapy, Providing activities for SCI, Housing and Accommodation for SCI .

Does the WALK help raise money for other non-profits (besides individuals using HelpHOPELive)?

Many families have established their own foundations that are either raising money for their individuals sci needs or are offering scholarship programs – they are considered “participating foundations”.

Can centers that offer Activity Based Recovery Programs participate in the WALK?

Absolutely! Facilities can promote the Walk to their clients encouraging them to set up their campaign with HelpHOPELive. Where possible, for those facilities along the Walk route, we can assist with “mini events” in the city/town.

How Kay Ledson (the Warrior Mom walking the entire way across the country) Can Assist Individual Families

Individual families can offer sponsorship through their HHL accounts for their supporters to sponsor Kay for the entire walk or sections of the Walk-?? Kay I don’t this this is possible – for instance the money in joey’s HHL fund can’t be used as a donation to something else-maybe I’m misunderstanding this.  , the families will be responsible for liaising with Kay as to how much has been raised. Supporters and families will be able to track Kay’s progress through the daily updates, regular blogs and checking –

If you wish to support Kay personally, she is only receiving support through the sale of her book, “Warrior Mom” (she is not seeking any other financial support).

How can I participate as a volunteer?

Currently, we are looking for:

  • Retired military personnel to volunteer to drive our motor home and support vehicle
  • Volunteering to walk with us
  • Volunteers to help keep us healthy while walking (for example:___________),
  • Assistance with our social media daily walk posts
  • Volunteers to take videos of us walking
  • Assistance at the talks we will be giving along the way (for example:_________)

(NB this will be restricted to 2-3 people at any one time due to logistics with the motor home, lack of alternative accommodation options along the route especially in the first ½ of the walk.)

Other tasks we’d love volunteer assistance with:

  • Assisting families bring events together
  • Helping us source sponsorship opportunities
  • Assisting with events in the towns and cities we pass through
  • Helping with social media
  • At events, assisting with the sale of merchandise and Kay’s book
  • Helping source speaking opportunities for along the walk route
  • Seeking and coordinating Media (Press, Television) opportunities
  • Assisting with sourcing equipment we will need for the walk
  • Working with Kay Lathrop to assist her putting together the Washington Warrior Momz Walk 4 SCI recovery Washington Summit
  • Video editing
Are Activity Based Recovery Programs (ARBPs) covered by insurance?

In most circumstances, no. This is the main reason we have started the WALK and plan to take it to Washington to make change…more here

How much should I plan to raise if I’d like to start working out at an ABRP?

It’s about you as a family setting an amount to aim for  – Any amount is acceptable, but setting a realistic but achievable goal is important. The cost of ABRPs will depend upon the facility you choose and the number of hours you plan to work out each week. Hourly rates vary from $40- $120 per hour, and individual workout plans will vary from once a week to 5 days a week depending upon logistics, etc.

Will Kay be paid to walk?

No – to commit to this 28 week walk, Kay is leaving her full time position in Australia, her only means of support will be from the sale of her book “Warrior Mom” along the walk.

If Kay receives any remuneration from her speaking events, 100% all monies will be paid to the Quad Foundation to go toward walk expenses or to the scholarship fund.

How can I join the WALK for one of the “legs”?

Register on the walks website:

Stay tuned for details!

How can I join the WALK in Washington DC?

As this event will be an important part of our journey we will be releasing more information regarding the Washington Warrior Momz  Walk4sci recovery Washington Summit soon.