Blog 48        7million steps


It is fair to say the Warrior Momz Walk has challenged me physically / mentally like nothing I have ever experienced my 67 years. There were several physical challenges especially early in the Walk, but through intensive management all the health / injury / issues were dealt with, the mental challenges however, have been with me as a constant nagging companion throughout the journey!

This has caused me a lot of angst especially when walking the remote locations alone!

It’s strange how you focus on a negative experience and in those moments totally forget about all the positive experiences you have enjoyed.

Certainly in the early part of the walk a series of negative experiences nearly caused me to finish the walk and walk away from everything! At that time I had to rely on my experiences with my son’s determination and his never give up attitude to get me through it…and it took everything I had to keep walking.

I have learned so many valuable lessons from all these experiences and I am truly grateful!

I knew in my heart once I reached Dallas things would improve, and they have. Not so many “remote” locations to walk, more people around less isolation!

More friends to see and hang out with and gain encouragement from!

Kelly on the other hand, thrived on those remote locations, she after all was on an adventure, me, being on a mission I have been challenged to a whole new level.

The weather has cooled down, this has really helped me, although the cooler weather was not welcomed by Kelly.

I was on a mission, so I had to no matter what I would keep walking, but it came at a high price mentally to me, especially in those first 4 months.

Kelly has tried to encourage me to not be so fearful, but it is hard to break a 50 year fear of isolation, and I would certainly have not done this Walk in Australia with a support team of one!

Once we arrived in Atlanta I started to feel a lot clearer in my head, staying with the lovely nurturing Fran for 8 days, gave me so much comfort and love. Hanging out with Jeannie my fellow warrior mom was like being with a much loved family member, and catching up with Liza Perla at the function and the next day for brunch, was truly heart-warming.  Liza, Jeannie & I have shared the experience of watching our children move through the recovery journey and the three of us are committed to activity based therapy.

Finally arriving in Charlotte in my wildest dreams I could not have imagined how wonderful and nurturing this area would be for us. My dear friend Jan Robinson had taken over arrangements..Jan walked with me for 100 miles to raise money for the QUAD Foundation. Since completing her 100 miles Jan has continued to walk towards the Warrior Momz steps.

Our Charlotte, Belmont, Mt Holly experience has been for me life altering. We have met so many who have supported the Walk and shown unconditional love and generosity, it has been so humbling and nurturing.

Charlotte has prepared us for the last 2 weeks of our epic Walk, I am looking forward to seeing my family in Washington DC… We are truly in the LIGHT PHASE of the Warrior Momz Walk.

I have a feeling of peace and light for the first time since commencing the Walk on September 22nd