Blog 44    #7million Steps

Inspiring Families

Earlier in the week we visited a family that has been totally marginalised through spinal cord injury!

Both are living with SCI!

This family deserves so much assistance, yet it seems like there is none available!

In fairness I am not sure they realise there is help, and we are trying to assist them!

Their story is of love, dedication and courage! I was so devastated hearing their circumstances and their history, yet I was so inspired in their love of God, each other and their faith.

They have no transportation, yet they manage how to get out each day for a short time.

They have 2 beautiful daughters it was an honour and a privilege to spend time with this wonderful family.

I have contacted the local Rotary Club and will be asking for their assistance in helping this beautiful little family!

Oh my God how I hate this injury!!!!!