Blog 44    7 Million Steps


As a skier, one of my favourite past times when staying on the mountain is to walk at night around the resort. In Australia our ski resorts are not huge so you can find yourself walking on a road at night totally on your own. I love the peace, the silence of walking in the snow at night, when the only sounds you hear are your boots crunching the snowy road/trail.

With the weather getting colder Kelly and my focus is to keep warm in the RV in the sub-freezing conditions, neither of us can afford to get sick. We eat really well and every day we have our “healthy” smoothie for breakfast, which certainly kicks off our day! I try to eat something warm in the short lunch break I have. We have to keep the heating on while we are in the RV as it cools down really quickly…

I am well rugged up to walk in the cold and yesterday, although only 19 F, initially I felt cold, but within 10 minutes I had my gloves off and I had opened my jacket a little. The one thing working in my favour was, yesterday there was little wind. Once the wind comes up the coldness really plays havoc with my eyes and nose… I could go through a box of tissues easily during one walk. I wear glasses and have a scarf around my face but the wind certainly does get through and it is bitterly cold!

I am constantly looking at where I am walking because of the dreaded ice. Monday I slipped twice on black ice, fortunately my Merrill’s gripped and I didn’t fall. I have found my balance has really improved since walking, I did balance training in Australia, thanks to my coach Cindy Rella.

Overall I prefer to walk in the cold rather than the heat of California and Arizona, those desert temperatures really caused me a lot of physical and mental stress, I certainly don’t miss it!

The one downside of the snow has been limiting where I can walk, and Tuesday (Jan 16), I didn’t leave the RV all day as it snowed most of the day, and while I am happy to walk in snow,  the roads were treacherous, so too dangerous for me and the drivers who would be shocked to see a “crazy” lady walking on the road shoulder!

This week I am a little behind in my miles due to these conditions, I am hoping to make it up over the coming week.

Overall we have been lucky with the weather, I hope and pray this continues.