Blog 43     7 MILLION STEPS

Thinking Time!

I have discussed in previous blogs how I had no idea what I was getting myself into with walking across America, I was naïve and I guess trusting in the Universe to assist and guide me, keeping me safe!

Today I have had a rare day off, (being snowed in means we don’t leave the RV) it has enabled me to catch up on tasks I needed to do, make those phone calls, catch up on emails,  in the course of this, I have flicked through a lot of photos taken along the journey of the walk… Seeing them, it all seems so surreal, to be honest I never really stop to think about the past weeks, months, my total focus has been getting to bed early, keeping healthy, dealing with niggling injuries, making sure they don’t get worse, and walking 22 miles most days, as much as possible I try to keep myself in the present!

Even when I am walking I am thinking about the next step! When I am tired, I am constantly coaching myself “just one more step, 2 miles to go 1 mile to go!”

In those early days, I always had that single belief that no matter what, I would complete the Walk – in Washington DC, failure never entered my head even in my darkest of times. Kelly knows what I go through most days, she has been a “rock” to me and has never let me down!   

I know Kelly was “meant” to be part of the Walk, from the moment back in my apartment in Melbourne I was told to “Walk Across America!” Shirley and Bill Harmon were always going to find and buy the PERFECT RV for us to love and live in!

I truly believe it was all part of the MASTER PLAN…

So many of my experiences have aligned me closer to those with spinal cord injury, I believe I have a greater understanding of the injury and its effects on those living with it.

The Warrior Momz Walk has introduced Kelly and I to so many amazing people who have touched our souls, treated us like we were precious family members.

As I face the final 1013 miles, entering my last 46 days of walking the final 59 days of the Warrior Momz Walk, I am paranoid about something going wrong, I guess having the knowledge I have now gained, I am not as naïve anymore.

It is true that I haven’t seriously thought about how many miles to go at any time, but the last few days it has certainly been on my mind. I have faith that I am meant to complete the Warrior Momz Walk, I also know there is still lessons for me to be learned along the way!

In the end the Warrior Momz Walk has given us a platform to go to Washington DC, and speak to lawmakers, that in itself will be an achievement!