Blog 33 = 7 million Steps


On Saturday, December 16th Kelly, Leslee and I attended the REACT Games Dallas, TX.

What an amazing event, organized with precision and love! There were so many moving parts,                           t shirts, teams, competition wheelchairs…when we arrived it was all happening!  

For me, this is what recovery is all about! Athletes competing “full out” against each other in tenacious, exciting, inspiring “battles” to win their various events. Families and loved ones cheering from the “bleachers!”

There is another side, everyone helping each other achieve their optimum level of participation.

There were time trials, combining an obstacle course with strength challenges, basketball, half court shots. Every event was fun and challenging with everyone participating “full out!”

I was thrown into the obstacle / strength challenge, knowing my legs (there was nothing I needed my legs for) were fine I was nervous I would not be able to finish the challenging course because for 13 weeks I haven’t done any upper body work except the walking motion of my arms!

The course took me over eight minutes and, to my surprise, I finished! But it was so very tough and my total admiration goes to all who were participating in this challenge.

Nothing was easy, all the events were challenging and competitive!

I got to hang out with many of the families, which I loved, seeing the joy in their eyes as they watched their loved ones compete is really the very positive side of this challenging injury!

It’s a time for everyone to be “normal” for a few short hours! Pre injury most of us spent ½ our lives watching our kids / loved ones compete. These “Game” days allow us to go back to those days albeit it’s different, but the excitement of the challenge is still the same!

In some respects it is so much more rewarding, as all of the athletes competing were told they had no hope of recovery below injury and we all know watching those competing these prognosis’ are wrong and misguided!

Congratulations to the REACT team – you all did such an incredible amount of work to ensure this was a successful, inspiring day for all concerned. Your teams are dedicated, committed, and you care making you much more than a Recovery Facility; you are building Community and that is EVERYTHING!