Blog 32 – 7million Steps

Our Visit to the Children’s Center Bethany Oklahoma

Rotary is such a wonderful connector, you never know who you will meet, this is one of my joys of visiting Rotary Clubs across the Warrior Momz Walk route.

On Wednesday I attended the lunch meeting for the Rotary Club of West Oklahoma City, sitting opposite me was Albert Gray (CEO) of the Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital. We were chatting about the facility and one of his associates Heidi Russell (Senior Vice President Communications and Development) arrived.  

Albert and Heidi invited Kelly and I to tour the facility the following day. This “hospital” — I use this term lightly — the Children’s Center bears no resemblance to any hospital I have ever seen.

Albert and Heidi met Kelly and me in the foyer and then proceeded to give us a very informative history of the Center.  The Center was founded over 100 years ago by Miss Mattie M. Mallory initially as a loving home for the city’s orphans, her legacy lives on, in probably the most loved yet prestigious Children’s Rehabilitation Centers in the USA.

Albert and his sister, Carol,  have been with the Children’s Center for over 40 years. While this is extraordinary service, through our tour, we were to meet many team members who have worked there for several years.

Everyone we met were happy and motivated, something lacking in our hospital experience in Australia.  

The Center was calm and beautifully decorated, giving it a real homey feeling, the equipment is “state of the art” but displayed in a non-threatening environment.

The patients or should I say “precious guests” because that’s how they are treated range in age from babies to teens up to 18 ½ years. There are family suites to allow the families to stay together with their loved one, they have additional accommodation for families and even have full hook ups for RVs in their car park.

The love, care, respect and encouragement for every patient is apparent, it is truly an amazing place for Healing and Hope!

Both Kelly and I were in awe of this inspirational rehabilitation facility – that eludes “Health, Hope & Recovery”

The visit to the Children’s Center will be one of my highlights from the Warrior Momz Walk.

I could absolutely recommend any family with a child with spinal cord injury to attend this wonderful facility.