Blog #   30  7 Million Steps Warrior Momz

The part of the journey across the USA that I really look forward too is meeting / walking with the Warrior Momz. The first hug, the passing onto each other the understanding few will ever understand. The instant rapport you share, it’s like we’ve known each other forever yet we just met!

Walking with a Warrior Mom, hearing her individual story is inspiring and rewarding. Being able to connect with a Facebook Momz, one on one is such an honour and a privilege!

While each one of us has our “stories” the common thread in all is, in most cases the Warrior Mom unhesitatingly put her life on hold to support, a loved one who was injured.

Warrior Momz are all different, they come from all walks of life but their goals are consistent they will do whatever it takes for their precious loved one and they will never give up!

The juggling of their time, the willingness to learn the skills necessary to ensure their loved one was cared for, supported in the best possible way / environment. The expertise they quickly learn with dealing with medical teams, hospital administrations, Government departments, underpinned with the willingness to assist another Mom going through the same life changing experience.

Unless you have travelled the path of Spinal Cord Injury, very few will connect with the experience or understanding!

Warrior Momz Rock!