Blog 23 – 7 millions steps – Walking with the Warrior Momz

November 7th: Albuquerque

Monday was a very busy day; walked 12 miles to attend Rotary Club of Albuquerque – this is a very large club with over 150 members. I was really made very welcome and I will write a separate blog about this meeting.

After the meeting I met Warrior Momz Clare Morey of Colorado, Laura Owens of San Diego & Becky  Neubert Plaszcz of Minnesota. Both Laura and Becky had flown in to walk and Clare had driven in from Colorado. We walked on part of the beautiful multi-use trail system that criss-crosses Albuquerque  for ten miles, the scenery and colours were stunning, more importantly for the entire Walk the focus was on “Activity Based Therapy” and how important it is to be funded. Clare works at Craig, as well as being a Mom to her son with an SCI. She experiences firsthand with the families who have the insurance to fund this type of therapy and those who don’t! They are all passionate activists for therapy below injury.

As Momz we believe “Activity Based Therapy below injury” should be available to all families, I asked them to consider joining us in Washington DC to be part of what I hope is an emotional walk into the US Capitol.

We all stayed together while walking. I enjoyed having company so much, the ten miles just flew. It makes such a difference having someone walking with me.

These Momz are fairly new to the injury but they were all so positive and focused on their boys’ recovery no matter what it took!

After the walk we all returned to their AirBnB house for a healthy dinner and continued conversation.

The girls are going to think of ways to assist us in raising money for the Quad Foundation to enable more scholarships to be awarded. They are all future leaders advocates for our cause!