Blog 22  – 7 million Steps: Fears of the dog attacks / Parallels with Josh.

Wednesday’s experience with the dogs rattled me to my core, I had built up a fair degree of confidence over the past nearly seven weeks and of course I am always very vigilant especially walking on my own.

For a brief moment I truly thought why am I doing this, putting myself under all this stress and danger?

I thought about what I had gone through for the past seven weeks, every day a new challenge and we  had  worked them out, but this was a significant challenge for me to deal with, as if that bottle hadn’t been there I would have been badly mauled by these two fierce animals.

Kelly got me walking again, and I am grateful to her. By the time I reached her car (3 ½ miles from where the attack happened) I thought back to when Josh was first injured.

I remembered the first time he was dressed, which was about a week after the operation; the nurses were getting him out of bed and they were using a hoyer lift … Initially Josh was very dizzy they would put him back flat, every time they did this they would ask him if he wanted to stop and try again tomorrow. Josh was adamant I need to be able to get out of bed, finally he was elevated enough and he was managing the dizziness. The stress on all the lifting back and forth caused Josh to have a bowel movement. This was the last straw, what more indignities could he bare?! Josh was devastated saying to me “I am 18 ½ years old and I just shat myself.”

“This is too much!” Then he said “well Mum, we can’t give up now. If I can’t beat this problem I will never be able to continue to improve!” And the rest is history!

So applying my son’s principals, if I couldn’t get over this dog attack, I would not be able to continue the Warrior Momz Walk.  So, I got over my fears and kept walking, finishing the 22 miles as planned…carrying two empty beer bottles with me.