Blog 13 – 7 Million Steps – Walking a tiny insight

Its day 13 (never know what day it is, or the date, only the day number like in hospital) and we are planning a 22 mile walk today.
Back in Oz, training for the walk, all I thought about was “trying to fit” walking into my day, keeping those miles up, rationalising once walking in the USA it would be easy. And to a certain extent it is! But this trip is so much more than walking, it’s preparing nutritional meals and thank God Kelly is into slicing and dicing. It’s about eating left overs to try and not wasting anything as we are on such a strict budget. I prepare the amazing filling smoothies to start our day and of course make the coffee! It’s about making sure we have enough water for long periods in the heat… when I am walking Kelly is riding her bike! My theory of walking 2 hours resting, not walking though the heat of the day just doesn’t work. It’s about Social Media, answering the comments and acknowledging the likes etc… It’s about maintaining contact with our families our number 1 priority, and setting up new customs – celebrating Shabbat with Kelly and her son Benjamin every Friday night!

It’s about 2 strangers living together and enjoying learning about each other’s lives…

Packing up the RV each day to move it, also doesn’t work. Just to prepare the RV to travel requires a lot of work. Kelly and I have opted to stay in one RV park (Wickenburg) centrally located for 7 days to eliminate  this chore from our list for a few days, favouring a longer drive to start our day in her Prius.

I am loving the experience of walking but I am yet to truly integrate the spiritual journey to a large extent! ATM I am too worried about protecting feet and toes from blisters, something I never encountered during my training.

I want to thank you for all your support you have been truly amazing and it keeps us focussed on the walk and the responsibility we have! Looking forward to Phoenix where we will meet some Warrior Momz and a very special Warrior Kid!