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Kelly is Jewish, she asked if we could have a special dinner Friday night to celebrate “Shabbat” with her son Benjamin who lives in Scottsdale AZ. Of course I said “Yes,” this is how Kelly & Ben are keeping in touch.

We had a special meal which Kelly prepared, special bread and wine. WE also had candles and Ben on skype. Ben was pleased to see his mom, and we enjoyed catching up with his week..

Kelly’s son Ben is autistic so it’s important for them both to establish regular contact and so this Friday night dinner will be our future custom until the walk concludes. It was a lovely dinner with special prayers offered.. It was great meeting Benjamin, I took it slowly and hopefully we will build a friendship.

Both Kelly and I enjoyed a glass or 2 of the pinot grigio, our first alcohol since leaving Temecula.

Don’t everyone die of shock no wonder my body is coming out in rashes… Talk about detoxing!!!