7 million steps – Blog #10 – Part 2 final

The Darkness

I have been treating the blisters by soaking my feer for up to 30 minutes in Epson Salts, after which I put Eucalyptus oil on them. We are 20 miles from nearest town so have had to make do with what we had with us.

Yesterday was a fantastic day – we had a rest day, so Kelly disappeared into the wilderness for most of the day on her bike and I stayed around the RV catching up with paperwork that is never-ending.

I am pleased Kelly is getting her own training in – she is always saying she is here to support me, but it’s a two way street so it’s important for her to get her own time and she goes to places I would never walk.

I managed to get just over 10 miles in and enjoyed a refreshing swim.

Amazingly the water was cool and refreshing I think they must cool the pool somehow as it is brutally hot here. The desert colours are truly amazing reminding me of Central Australia. Today we plan an early start to Blythe were we intend to stay another 3 nights.

Warrior Momz I am loving the “likes” and “comments” I read every one and always check the likes…

“Even in the darkness there is light!”