7 million steps – Entry 10 –  The Darkness-The Glimmer-The Light –  Part 1

Preparing for the Walk in my head I partitioned it as I did my book. The Darkness – The Glimmer – The Light

The Darkness –

I prepared for the first six weeks to be the hardest getting from Carlsbad to Flagstaff, due to the remoteness, the heat, the mountains, the desert and I have not been wrong – the unrelenting heat, the roads I’ve / we’ve climbed, the remoteness, has been as I had thought and I am ok with this. It’s challenging but so is getting recovery from a spinal cord injury and that is always my motivation. Apart from yesterday I can honestly say I seem to walk at the same pace unless I am walking with someone. Yesterday was a great day no climbing but with the temperature over 100 degrees for much of the walk, I was challenged. Yet again I nearly ran out of water, I continually pack more electrolytes / water but the heat was tough and for about the last 1 ½ hours I felt I had some issues with my feet. I now proudly sport 2 little toes that have huge blisters. Thanks to Lisa she had given me moleskin toe bandages I am sure they will be ok, my leg rash isn’t any worse and now that  I am treating it I am confident it will be better soon. I am loving travelling with Kelly. I said to her this morning “God” brought you to me; I could not have a more perfect travel companion. She is amazing.

I know this journey has the blessing from above he hasn’t made it easy on any level but we get there and the journey is exciting and inspiring. Mentally I am doing well, my body is great and my legs just get stronger! And I am learning to pee behind trees!